Planning Magazine’s Law Survey 2023 features 36 Landmark barristers

Planning Magazines Law Survey 2023

This year’s high profile survey from Planning once again places Landmark Chambers prominently in its list of top-ranked planning barristers.

The results show an increase in numbers of barristers ranked overall with 21 Silks, 12 Juniors and 8 barristers in the ‘Under 35’ category making the list.

Five Landmark barristers appear in the top ten list of Silks; whilst the Junior list ranks five of the Landmark planning team in the top ten.

In the list of Juniors, Zack Simons retains the top spot for the third consecutive year whilst Richard Turney and Heather Sargent are in third and fourth respectively.

Anjoli Foster moves up one place to tenth, whilst Nicholas Grant, Matthew Fraser, Jacqueline Lean, Stephen Morgan, and Isabella Buono all appear for the first time in the Junior list.

Kimberley Ziya, Charles Bishop and Alex Shattock feature for the first time on the Under 35 list.

Ranked Silks are:

Ranked Juniors are:

Under 35s:

See the full results here: The highest-rated planning lawyers: the Planning Law Survey 2023 | Planning Resource (behind paywall).

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