Public and Administrative

Energy and Utilities

Landmark’s members advise and act for regulators, statutory undertaker, and third parties in respect of energy and utility regulation.


Notable work includes work across various regulated sectors. In respect of energy this includes:

  • Energy subsidy schemes (eg R (Atlantic Recycling Ltd) v Gas and Electricity Markets Authority)
  • Carbon trading including civil penalties across a variety of sectors (including steelworks, waste incinerators, and offshore oil rigs)
  • Gas and oil licensing (eg R (Cox) v Oil and Gas Authority [2022] A.C.D. 41).

In respect of water, members have acted across the water supply and wastewater sectors including in relation to:

  • Development of Water Resources Management Plans
  • Water abstraction permitting and challenges relating to abstraction
  • Regulatory control of wastewater treatment
  • Rating of water supply infrastructure
  • Implementation of fluoridation schemes.

For more information on Landmark's energy-related expertise across the range of our practice click here.

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