Mortgages, Charges, Charging Orders and Securitisation

Our property team have experience at all levels of seniority in advising and litigating in relation to mortgages, registered charges, charging orders, and securities generally.


Our members’ expertise includes bringing and defending mortgage possession claims; dealing with contested applications for a charging order as a means of enforcing judgment; advising on the meaning and effect of a complex suite of securitisation documents advising in relation to potential litigation about the impact of insolvency on your client’s options to enforce a charge, as well as advocacy and advice relating to undue influence, subrogation and priorities of interests, especially arising in the context of mortgage fraud or defective security. 

Practice Managers

Contact our friendly and helpful Practice Managers for more information about our barristers and services or to make an enquiry.

Mark Ball

Practice Director

020 7421 1308

Mark Ball new

Harry Feldman

Practice Manager

020 7421 2485

Harry Feldman

Connor McGilly

Practice Manager

020 7421 1304

Connor Mc Gilly new

Ruby Sims

Assistant Practice Manager

020 7421 1337

Ruby Sims new

Richard Bolton

Senior Practice Manager

020 7421 1392

Richard Bolton new

Charlotte Hockney

Assistant Practice Manager

020 7421 1303

Charlotte Hockney new

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