Women in Law Pledge

Women in Law Pledge

Landmark Chambers is making the Women in Law Pledge for three important reasons. First is the absolute belief that people of all genders are valued and that Landmark should be a place of equal opportunity for all barristers and staff. Second is that the Pledge will give us the opportunity to publicly share the work already being done to make Landmark a champion of promoting women in law. Third, the Pledge will formalise specific targets for Landmark to focus on over the next few years, increasing the chances of success in achieving them.

Landmark Chambers wants to attract the very best barristers and staff and to encourage and support professional development with a view to being a place where people want to stay. Women are underrepresented in law and Landmark is no exception. We want to attract more female barristers to join us and to stay and develop their careers. The Pledge targets for Landmark Chambers were chosen with these goals in mind. The more successful Landmark is at meeting the needs of its female barristers, the more attractive it will be to new applicants. As we move forward, we will regularly review the proportion of women entering Law and how Landmark compares locally and nationally.

TARGET 1: Five female members of Chambers to take Silk by 2025.

TARGET 2: Over the next five years (to 2025) there will be parity between the retention rates of female and male members of Chambers at Landmark.

TARGET 3: To employ at least two female clerks at Practice Manager level or above by 2025.

We are proud of and excited by our targets. Meeting them will require sustained dedication from all barristers and staff. We are motivated by the shared confidence in the knowledge that achieving our targets will enrich Landmark and the legal profession as a whole.

Further information regarding the Women in Law Pledge, may be found on the Bar Council’s website and on the Law Society’s website.

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