Supreme Court to review EIA and downstream effects - R (Finch) v Surrey CC [2022] PTSR 958 (Supreme Court pending)

4l image Horse Hill Oil Field

The Supreme Court granted permission to appeal on 9 August 2022 in R (Finch) v  Surrey County Council & Others, in which the Court of Appeal gave judgment in February [2022] PTSR 958. The case concerns the EIA of downstream effects of the use of oil extracted at Horse Hill, Surrey, in circumstances where the permissions if for extraction only and the oil is not refined on site. The judicial review of the grant of permission had been dismissed by Holgate J [2021] PTSR 1160 and his decision was affirmed by the Court of Appeal (Sir Keith Lindblom SPT, Lewison LJ, Moylan LJ dissenting).

David Elvin QC and Matthew Fraser represent Horse Hill Developments Ltd, the First Interested Party.

Richard Moules represents the Secretary of State.

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