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Planning Appeals, Inquiries and Hearings

Landmark has a pre-eminent presence in planning appeals in England and Wales. Barristers are actively involved in the full range of appeals (against the refusal of planning permission, enforcement appeals, lawful development certificate appeals, call-in applications and recovered appeals), whether those appeals proceed by inquiry, hearings or in writing.

Increasingly, barristers are heavily involved promoting Local Plans and guiding these through Examinations, and objecting to others. The processes lend themselves to early and collegiate involvement.

Landmark barristers have appeared in some of the highest-profile and townscape-transforming inquiries in recent years (for example The Shard and Heron Tower), and across a huge range of different development types from fracking to football stadia, nuclear power stations to new towns, and schools to strategic rail freight interchanges.

Geographically, members undertake inquiry work throughout England and Wales.

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