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David was called to the Bar in 2001. He began practice in 2004, after spending a year working as a Judicial Assistant to the Law Lords (Lord Nicholls and Lord Rodger). He is described by the latest editions of Chambers & Partners and the Legal 500 as "one of the top juniors, who is bound to go very far", whose work "outstrips that produced by some silks",  and "an outstanding advocate" with drafting skills which are "second to none". He is "exceptionally bright" with "a brilliant academic and incisive mind" and is "a joy to work with".  The previous editions described him as “an extraordinarily impressive advocate”, “an outstanding junior”, who is “highly impressive” and “has excellent judgment and is very good with clients”. He is “incredibly clever” and “formidable in court”. He has also been described in the directories as “A “high-class” practitioner” with “deep experience of advocacy before the highest courts, both domestically and abroad, on behalf of government and claimants” who is “regarded as one of the go-to experts for human rights and EU law” and is "A top-quality lawyer and an excellent communicator". David was shortlisted for the Legal 500 Public Law Junior of the Year award in 2018, and for the Chambers & Partners Human Rights and Public Law Junior of the Year award in 2016.

In 2015, David was appointed to the Attorney General’s “A” Panel of Junior Counsel to the Crown, after 5 years on the “B” Panel and 3 years on the “C” Panel before that. He was also on the Treasury Solicitor’s former list of counsel specialising in Freedom of Information issues until its incorporation into the main Attorney General’s Panels. He is developed vetted and regularly works in the national security and counter-terrorism field.

David specialises in all areas of public law, human rights, European Union law, environmental and planning law. He regularly appears in the High Court and Court of Appeal, and has appeared as a junior in the House of Lords and Supreme Court. He frequently acts as sole counsel on behalf of the United Kingdom Government in proceedings before the Court of Justice of the European Union (“CJEU”) and had represented the United Kingdom in proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights. He is the Joint Editor of the leading public law journal Judicial Review.

David is ranked as a leading barrister in six different areas in the main legal directories: Administrative Law, EU Law, Local Government Law, Immigration Law and Community Care in the 2018 edition of Chambers & Partners; and Administrative Law, Civil Liberties and Human Rights, EU Law and Immigration Law in the 2017 edition of the Legal 500. The 2015 Planning Magazine survey ranked him as a top rated planning junior. The 2009 Planning Magazine survey ranked him in the top 10 planning barristers in the country under 35.

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What the Directories say

Chambers & Partners 2018, Administrative Law: "Exceptionally bright, with expert knowledge and understanding of public law issues. He is diligent, his advice is always considered and his drafting skills are second to none." "A brilliant academic and incisive mind. He is also a lovely guy."

Chambers & Partners 2018, Immigration Law: "His drafting is very good, always on time, and he has a great knowledge of the law." "He is clever, sees the points, and he gets things into a logical order."

Chambers & Partners 2018, EU Law: "He is at the forefront of free movement cases. Blundell is respected by clients and a joy to work with."

Chambers & Partners 2018, Community Care: "He is ingenious in his arguments, as well as very clever, very personable and incredibly hard-working."

Chambers & Partners 2018, Local Government Law: "He is charming and brilliant."

Legal 500 2017, Administrative and Public Law: "An outstanding advocate, whose work is compelling and immaculately researched."

Legal 500 2017, Civil Liberties and Human Rights: "His work easily outstrips more senior barristers."

Legal 500 2017, EU Law: "His work outstrips that produced by some silks."

Legal 500 2017, Immigration Law: "One of the top juniors, who is bound to go very far."

Chambers & Partners 2017, Administrative Law - "He is highly impressive. Thorough, knowledgeable, has excellent judgement and is very good with clients." "His ability to identify and exploit unique arguments is excellent."

Chambers & Partners 2017, Immigration Law: "Well respected by peers and clients alike, he sits on the Attorney General's A Panel and regularly appears in the highest domestic and overseas courts, including the Supreme Court, ECHR and ECJ. He demonstrates notable skill in EU law-related cases." "He is an extraordinarily impressive advocate." "An outstanding junior: he is totally reliable and dedicated to his cases."

Chambers & Partners 2017, EU Law: "An expert in all aspects of EU law." "His ability to identify key points and advance unique arguments is impressive."   

Chambers & Partners 2017, Community Care: "An experienced public lawyer who acts for claimants, defendants and interested parties. He is particularly adept at handling cases challenging policies on access to benefits." "David is approachable and enthusiastic. His written work is excellent and he is an expert in European law." "He is very clever, extremely nice and formidable in court."  

Chambers & Partners: Local Government Law: "Acts for both sides in complex local authority disputes and is a seasoned advisor to government departments in a range of civil and EU matters. He is a particularly experienced representative of clients at the upper levels of the UK judicial system, as well as the European Court of Human Rights and the European Court of Justice." "Incredibly clever, very thorough and very good in terms of drafting. He has a notable sympathy for the client and just gets it. He is easy to work with and highly responsive."

Legal 500 2016, Administrative and Public Law - "A top-quality lawyer and an excellent communicator."

Legal 500 2016, Civil Liberties and Human Rights - "Extremely bright, and his written and oral arguments are always commendably clear and focused."

Legal 500 2016, Immigration - "He represents both claimants and the government in EU law and refugee matters."

Chambers & Partners 2016, Administrative Law - "He's a solid advocate and barrister who is very thoughtful and precise and produces great written work." "He's particularly good at understanding what we need as solicitors. He's always user-friendly and happy to help."

Chambers & Partners 2016, Immigration Law -  "A "high-class" practitioner who has deep experience of advocacy before the highest courts, both domestically and abroad, on behalf of government and claimants. He is regarded as one of the go-to experts for human rights and EU law." "When you look at important immigration cases, he is the young barrister of choice."  

Chambers & Partners 2016, Local Government Law - "A solid advocate and barrister who is very thoughtful and precise, and produces great written work." "A real all-rounder who has gained a strong reputation in Administrative Court work."

Legal 500 2015, Administrative Law – “Combines excellent judgement with solid all-round skills across a wide array of public law matters.”

Legal 500 2015, Civil Liberties and Human Rights – "He has in-depth knowledge of the law and first-class drafting skills."

Legal 500 2015, Immigration Law – “He takes a common-sense approach which is focused on the client’s needs and priorities.”

Chambers & Partners 2015, Administrative Law – “In cases that have an overlap of public law and immigration, he is very solid and has great judgement.”

Chambers & Partners 2015, Immigration Law – “Straight and decent, he's very fair and a skilled barrister. Briefed by the government in a wide range of cases, he is always a pleasant person to work with. A really fantastic junior, who is hard-working and gets the job done.”

Legal 500 2014, Administrative Law – “A bright barrister with an excellent feel for the strength of a claim and how it will be received in court.”

Legal 500 2014, Immigration Law – “Acts for both claimants and defendants.”

Chambers & Partners 2014, Administrative Law - "He is exceptionally bright, has solid judgement, and is extremely hard-working."

Chambers & Partners 2014, Immigration Law - "Known for doing government work in this area." "He is very good and well liked by solicitors."

Chambers & Partners 2013 - David Blundell "embodies that most often sought-after combination in a public law counsel: a quick legal mind and attention to detail". He offers "practical, thoughtful and prompt advice".

Ranked as a leading junior in the Legal 500 in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Legal 500 2012: "enthusiastic and approachable".

Ranked in the top 50 planning barristers in the Planning Magazine’s 2015 annual survey. Ranked in the top 10 planning barristers under 35 in its 2009 survey.

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