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Building a strong, competitive economy



Thorpe Hall Leisure Ltd [2020] EWHC 44 (Admin), Sir Duncan Ouseley
Rupert Warren QC appeared for the Claimant
Jacqueline Lean appeared for the Secretary of State

“106.    The language of [80] of the Framework is notably broad.

110.  [80] of the Framework does not exclude enabling development in principle from its scope, it does not expressly relate to, let alone favour, enabling development either; its thrust is correctly identified by [the Inspector] in DL47.”




R (Shave) v Maidstone Borough Council [2020] EWHC 1895 (Admin), Holgate J

“[the last sentence of NPPF 84] does not appear to be qualifying any of the preceding text. Instead, it encourages the use of previously developed land and sites which are well-related to existing settlements. It does not seek to restrict sustainable development in rural areas to such locations.” [31]

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