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This webinar has now taken place. You can find the presentation slides and a link to the webinar recording in our resources tab or by clicking here.


Join seven of Landmark’s specialist planning barristers for a full tour of the latest developments Green Belt planning policy, covering the current state of play with regard to plan making and decision taking, identifying the key points on ‘very special circumstances’ emerging from the latest appeal decisions, and an assessment of the need for systemic reform.  Places will be complimentary and speakers include Robert Walton QC (chair), John Litton QC, Matthew Reed QC, Kate Olley, Jenny Wigley, Matthew Dale-Harris and Nick Grant.



Thursday 14th May 2020


11:00 - 12:15




Free to attend




Introduction by Chair - Robert Walton QC

The Plan context – exceptional circumstances and taking land out of the Green Belt (including the Compton case) - Jenny Wigley

Dealing with housing need in a Green Belt authority – Matthew Reed QC

VSC – what needs to be shown: a round-up of recent planning appeals -
Matthew Dale-Harris

Weighing the impact on openness (including the relevance or otherwise of visual impact and Samuel Smith) – John Litton QC

Para 145 of the NPPF, exceptions: current issues – Kate Olley

Reform/re-assessment of the GB – Nick Grant

Questions and discussion

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