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John Hobson QC appeared for English Heritage at this two week inquiry concerning the controversial proposal for a new visitor centre at Stonehenge. English Heritage’s application was to remove the intrusive road traffic and the existing unsightly visitor facilities to a new location enabling the Stones to be visited and appreciated in a restored open down land setting. The proposal included a vastly improved visitor experience in a building that had won several design awards and a ‘land train’ to facilitate visitor access to different parts of the World Heritage Site, including the Stones. Objections came from local residents, interest groups and societies including the Stonehenge Alliance. The objections focused on the use of a ‘land train’ to facilitate access to the World Heritage site. The appeal has been called in by the Secretary of State and is likely to be considered in conjunction with the proposal by the Highways Agency to tunnel the part of the A303 that runs alongside Stonehenge.

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