Home > Inquiries > Proposed inert waste recycling and landfill facility at the former Hurstpierpoint Sewage Treatment Works, West Sussex

Two-day inquiry into substantial waste recovery & disposal scheme that would deliver 10% of the additional recycling capacity that West Sussex is required by the South East Plan to achieve by 2015.

The waste planning authority, West Sussex County Council, refused planning permission on the basis that a sufficient visibility splay could not be provided to the south of the site access onto the Cuckfield Road, meaning that there would be an unacceptable threat to highway safety. On appeal, the principal issues at the inquiry were:

(1) What was the extent of the visibility splay necessary in order to avoid the risk of collisions?
(2) Would the highway authority have power to undertake the necessary works to the hedge adjoining the road which was currently interfering with visibility to and from the site access?
(3) Insofar as the Council was right that the achievable visibility splay was less than what ought normally to be provided, was that outweighed by the proposed highway safety improvements together with the various socio-economic and environmental benefits associated with the scheme?

On 16th December 2009, the Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State issued her decision allowing the appeal and granting planning permission for the scheme.

Charles Banner appeared for the successful Appellant, Edburton Contractors Ltd, instructed by Richard Walker Planning Consultancy.

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