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Graeme (leading Alistair Mills) represented Durham County Council at the Examination in Public of the County Durham Plan to 2035. Held over twelve days between 22 October 2019 and 6 February 2020, the examination considered a number of issues (some highly contentious) including housing need and supply, green belt release, heritage, design, infrastructure, minerals and waste. The process of consultation into proposed Main Modifications was undertaken during times of restrictions arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The County Durham Plan was adopted on 21 October 2020 and contains policies dealing with a diverse area, which ranges from the World Heritage Site in the centre of Durham to heritage coast, and from areas with a high student population to former mining towns and villages.  The Plan releases areas of land from the Green Belt, which wraps tightly around Durham City. The Plan makes allocations for housing and employment uses, as well as providing detailed development management policies.

Details about the hearing can be found here.

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