Judicial Review videos

Watch our video guides to the Judicial Review process.

Introduction to Judicial Review Series

In this introductory video, Lord Carnwath of Notting Hill provides a welcome to this series of talks provided by various Landmark Chambers Public Law specialists, titled an ‘Introduction to Judicial Review’.

Session 1: Initial Procedure

In the first session of Landmark Chambers’ ‘Introduction to Judicial Review’ video series, Julia Smyth and Charles Bishop explain the initial steps of a judicial review, covering the pre-action protocol, issuing and the permission stage.

Session 2: Drafting Grounds for Judicial Review

In the second session of Landmark's Judicial Review introductory videos, Ben Fullbrook explains the requirements and best practice in drafting grounds for judicial review, and provides some tips along the way.

Session 3: Urgent Claims and Interim Relief

In the third session of Landmark's Introduction to Judicial Review video series, Hafsah Masood and Miranda Butler explain the procedure and best practice where a claim is urgent, and how the Court deals with interim relief.

Session 4: Drafting a Response to a Claim

In this video, David Blundell KC and Andrew Byass explain the requirements and best practice in responding to a claim for judicial review, and provide some tips along the way.

Session 5: Remedies and Wider Objectives

In this video, Leon Glenister and Katharine Elliot set out the remedies in a judicial review claim, and explain how a judicial review claim can fit in with a party’s wider objectives.

Session 6: Costs - Funding and Cost Protection

In this session, Galina Ward KC and Joel Semakula give an introduction to everything you need to know about costs in a judicial review: the rules, how claims can be funded and costs protection.

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