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Guide to the law on police pensions

Landmark Chambers is a leading set of barristers chambers who often advise on a range of statutory schemes including pensions.

This resource provides information on the law relating to police pensions and will explain the essentials of the complex legal scheme.

The website is designed to assist:

  • Serving and retired police officers who want to know whether they are entitled to an ill-health or injury pension
  • Police Federation staff and representatives
  • Staff employed by Chief Constables who have to provide advice to and make decisions on behalf of Chief Constables in their capacity as Police Pension Authorities
  • Doctors who are working as a Selected Medical Practitioner or as members of the Police Medical Appeal Board
  • Solicitors and counsel working for either pension claimants or for Police Forces.

The site is edited by David Lock QC and Samantha Broadfoot QC, both of whom are specialist practitioners in the law relating to police pensions.

This resource page will include eight chapters and eight associated podcasts.  The podcasts are available on this site below, however they are also available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other major platforms – just search for Police Pensions Law – and you can subscribe there too.

Police pension law – Intro trail


Chapter 1: Introduction


Chapter 2: The present statutory schemes governing pensions for police officers


Chapter 3: Ill-health retirement provisions and ill-health pensions


Chapter 4: Police Injury Pensions Part 1


Chapter 5: Police Injury Pensions Part 2


Chapter 6: Police Injury Pensions Part 3


Chapter 7: Challenges to decisions made within the police pensions systems


David and Samantha will be releasing the final chapter and podcast in due course.  

A selection of feedback from our listeners:

“It’s key listening and reading for every serving Police Officer, and for every unfortunately injured, or ill officer facing an uncertain future.”

“David and Samantha have achieved the impossible – they explained the 1987, 2006 and 2015 police pension schemes so clearly that I, for the first time, could understand them.”

“I have just listened to both parts and these are very informative and easy to understand. I can’t tell you how much that these provide a comfort and understanding of the Pension Laws and regulations. I am really looking forward to further podcasts.”

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