The NPPF – A Digest

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Following his Digest of Decisions interpreting the original NPPF (which remains available here), Alistair Mills has produced a new Digest which covers decisions interpreting the 2018 and 2019 versions of the NPPF.  This online resource gives relevant quotations from key court cases providing guidance on the meaning of the NPPF.  It provides a starting-point for research into and consideration of the numerous cases on this important part of national planning policy, and follows from Alistair’s book ‘Interpreting the NPPF: the New Planning Policy Framework’ published by Bath Publishing in 2018.

Details of a webinar on this topic including presentations by Rupert Warren QC, James Maurici QC, David Blundell QC, Alistair Mills and Hannah Gibbs.  may be found here.

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