Supreme Court gives judgment in appeal about deportation of Zambrano carers

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The Supreme Court has today given judgment in Robinson (Jamaica) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2020] UKSC 53, a case about the test which applies to the deportation of those who would otherwise benefit from a Zambrano right to reside. The Court has rejected Ms Robinson’s argument that Zambrano carers enjoy enhanced protection against deportation, accepting the Secretary of State’s submission that there is no requirement for exceptional circumstances or imperative grounds to be established before a Zambrano carer can be deported. Rather, the test is that set out in the CJEU’s decision in Secretary of State for the Home Department v CS [2017] QB 558, repeated in the CJEU’s decisions in Rendón Marin v Administración del Estado [2017] QB 495 and KA and others v Belgische Staat [2018] 3 CMLR 28. A link to the judgment may be found here. David Blundell QC and Julia Smyth represented the Secretary of State for the Home Department. David also represented the United Kingdom in CS and Rendón Marin.

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