Supported housing regulation

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The Supported Housing (Regulatory Oversight) Bill has completed its Second Reading in the House of Commons. Although introduced as a Private Members Bill, the Minister announced during the debate that the government would support the Bill so that it is now very likely to become law. If enacted, the Bill will, amongst other things:

  1. empower local housing authorities to introduce licensing schemes for supported housing, akin to those which are already available to regulate privately rented properties (Parts 2 and 3, Housing Act 2004);
  2. require the Secretary of State to bring forward enforceable national standards for supported housing;
  3. require the Secretary of State to review planning laws to consider whether a change is required to allow local authorities to regulate the growth of such housing in their areas;
  4. make provision for data sharing between local authorities, the Secretary of State and the Regulator of Social Housing; and,
  5. provide protection against being deemed “intentionally homeless” for occupiers who leave supported housing schemes owing to the inadequate standards of care or the condition of the property.
Justin Bates and Joe Thomas assisted with the drafting of the Bill. Justin also gave evidence to Parliament as part of the pre-legislative scrutiny process. The text of the Bill and supporting documents can be found here.

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