Secretary of State grants permission for metal waste recycling centre in West Norwood

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On the advice of his Inspector, the Secretary of State has granted planning permission following a recovered appeal concerning a metal recycling and management facility in West Norwood (known as Land East of Windsor Grove).

The London Borough of Lambeth refused the planning application contrary to officers’ advice on 10 August 2021. The appeal was recovered by the Secretary of State for personal determination on 10 January 2022.

A 6-day public inquiry was held by Richard Clegg in March 2022 to consider the proposals for demolition of all existing buildings and structures and the provision of a new building and associated hard and soft landscaping in respect of the use of the site as a metal recycling and management facility. The inquiry heard from members of the local community and councillors, and the local MP, Helen Hayes MP, was cross-examined.

Adopting his Inspector’s reasoning, the Secretary of State considered “while the appeal scheme is not in strict accordance with development plan policy relating to the Healthy Streets assessment (Policy T2 of The London Plan Policy) it is in accordance with the development plan overall.”

In assessing other material considerations, in favour of the proposal was noted “the contribution to the sustainable management of waste and a modest reduction in the capacity gap; and removal of a barrier to the implementation of a planning permission for housing at the Shakespeare Road facility which are each afforded moderate weight. The biodiversity net gain is afforded significant weight. Local employment opportunities are afforded limited weight.” Against the proposal was “the impact of an increase in traffic making conditions on Windsor Grove less pleasant for pedestrians and cyclists, which is afforded limited weight.”

Overall, the Secretary of State considered “that the accordance with the development plan and the material considerations in this case indicate that permission should be granted”.

James Maurici QC and Charles Bishop appeared on behalf of Urban & Provincial, the Appellant, instructed by Ashurst LLP.

Heather Sargent appeared on behalf of the London Borough of Lambeth.

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