New edition available - 'Manual on Protest Injunctions' by Yaaser Vanderman

Manual on Protest Injunctions

We are pleased to announce the release of the updated Manual on Protest Injunctions: Practice, Procedure and Persons Unknown (v.1.1) - by Yaaser Vanderman. A free copy of this manual is available via Yaaser's website profile.

Since the last edition was published seven months ago, the unbounded expansion of the case law in this area has continued. This new edition includes all cases since the last version - 22 at the last time of counting. Judgments in cases such as Shell UK Ltd v Persons Unknown [2023] EWHC 1229, National Highways Ltd v Persons Unknown [2023] EWHC 1073 (KB) and Transport for London v Persons Unknown [2023] EWHC 1038 (KC) (Morris J) have again developed the protest injunction jurisprudence substantially.

These new cases touch on a large number of topics, including the position of Interested Persons, issues relating to service and human rights, and the tricky subject of contempt. One significant development is the number of cases now advancing to the stage of obtaining final relief. This has led to a new chapter dedicated to final injunctions in the manual as well as additional material on continuing interim injunctions.

Of course, we still await the Supreme Court's judgment in Wolverhampton City Council v London Gypsies and Travellers, heard in February 2023, which could fundamentally alter the landscape on protest injunctions. That will have to be left to the next edition. But for now, the manual will hopefully continue to assist all those faced with the prospect of obtaining or defending a protest injunction, whether experienced or a newcomer to the area.

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