Mr Fidler and the house behind the straw bales: latest news

Mr Fidler’s unauthorised house, in the Green Belt near Redhill, is notorious.  It is the one with the mock Tudor façade and the castellated towers, built almost fifteen years ago and for the first four years of its existence hidden behind straw bales.  It has generated a great deal of applications, appeals and litigation. The most recent application was Mr Fidler’s application for planning permission to retain the building as an agricultural worker’s dwelling.  The Council refused the application, leading to an appeal. On 26 March 2015, the Secretary of State dismissed Mr Fidler’s appeal.  A formerly suspended High Court injunction order now takes effect, with the result that Mr Fidler now has 90 days from the Secretary of State’s decision within which to demolish the dwelling. Stephen Whale of Landmark Chambers successfully represented Reigate & Banstead Borough Council in the injunction proceedings and on this latest appeal. For a copy of the decision letter, click here

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