Maidstone Local Plan Review Examination Opens

Local Plan

The Maidstone Local Plan Review examination opened today, Tuesday 6th September 2022. The examination is scheduled to take place in two stages. The first stage, which is examining matters of legal compliance, the amount of development proposed over the plan period, and the proposed spatial strategy to sustainably distribute growth, is programmed to run until 21st September. The first stage hearings will also be considering the soundness of two garden settlements proposed within the Local Plan Review, which are proposed to be located at Lidsing and Heathlands.

Several members of Landmark Chambers are representing key participants at the examination:

- Paul Brown QC is acting for the promoter of the garden settlement at Lidsing.

- Graeme Keen QC is appearing for the Defence Infrastructure Organisation promoting Invicta Barracks.

- James Neill is acting for Lenham Parish Council.

- Andrew Byass is acting for Quinn Estates (which has had its own proposed garden settlement omitted from the draft Local Plan Review).

- Ben Fullbrook is acting for Bredhurst Parish Council, Bredhurst Woodland Action Group and Against Lidsing Garden Development.

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