Landmark in two of The Lawyer’s Top 10 Appeals of 2024

Landmark in two of The Lawyers Top 10 Appeals of 2024 Website

Barristers from Landmark Chambers appear in two of the Top 10 Appeals of 2024 as published by The Lawyer.

The list reflects some of the key issues expected to be heard this year and features Richard Turney and Ben Fullbrook acting for the Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in a case concerning the welfare of chickens; and Zia Bhaloo KC, James Maurici KC, and Toby Watkin KC acting for Annington Property in its dispute with the Ministry of Defence.

In April, the Court of Appeal will hear the appeal from Sir Ross Cranston’s decision in R (The Humane League) v SSEFRA [2023] ACD 89. The claimant argues that animal welfare regulations should be regarded as prohibiting the keeping of certain fast-growing breeds of meat chickens.

In July, the Court will hear the appeal from Holgate J’s decision in Annington Property v Secretary of State for Defence [2024] 1 WLR 365. The case was one of The Lawyer’s top 20 cases of 2023, and concerns property and public law proceedings brought by Annington in relation its purchase of the Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) married quarters estate on a sale and leaseback arrangement. Annington alleges the MOD acted unlawfully in its attempt to enfranchise properties under the Leasehold Reform Act 1967.

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