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Landmark Education Law Podcasts: Equalities and SEND update: Part 2

Fiona Scolding KC and Galina Ward KC review recent cases in education law and provide insight and practical tips for both public bodies and individuals litigating in this area.

The second episode considers how the courts are approaching attempts to enforce the statutory requirements that cash strapped local authorities are increasingly failing to meet, including the ongoing debate about the boundary between education and social care and how to approach recommendations made under the National Trial (R (LS) v LB Merton [2024] EWHC 584 (Admin)), the circumstances in which a mandatory order will be made requiring the LA to provide what is specified in an EHCP (R (HXN) v London Borough of Redbridge [2024] EWHC 443 (Admin)), and the time limits for statutory assessment following a successful appeal (R (W) v Hertfordshire CC [2023] EWHC 3138 (Admin).

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