Land off Humberstone Avenue, Humberstone, Grimsby

This s78 appeal concerned a proposal for 400 houses on a greenfield site on the edge of a settlement. The settlement boundary was accepted as being out-of-date and the site had been identified as acceptable in a SHLAA.  The local planning authority had not established its OAHN and certainly could not show a 5 year supply of deliverable sites.  The authority contended that it was undesirable to allow the release of greenfield sites while there remained many derelict brownfield sites in Grimsby that were suitable for housing.   The case also raised the acceptability of a payment for highway improvements based on a theoretical minor easing of the geometry of a roundabout, sufficient to accommodate the increase in traffic attributable to the development.  The theoretical widening would never be carried out and the payment was tantamount to an unofficial CIL.   The Inspector granted planning permission, relying on paragraph 49 of the NPPF. Richard Langham appeared for the local planning authority.

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