Land at Denham Lane, Huncote, Blaby District, Leicestershire

This was a two day inquiry into Westleigh Developments’ proposal for a 60 dwelling development. Planning permission had been refused by Blaby District Council on the basis that the development was not in a sustainable location having regard to its accessibility by means other than the private car. The main issues at the inquiry were (i) the extent to which residents of the development would be able to access services, facilities and employment by means other than the car, (ii) whether the development complied with the housing distribution policies of the development plan and (iii) the proper application of the NPPF in this context. Following the inquiry, on 28 June 2016 the Inspector published her decision allowing the appeal. Charles Banner appeared for the appellant, Westleigh Developments, instructed by Marrons Shakespeares LLP. Alistair Mills appeared for the local planning authority, Blaby District Council, instructed by the Council’s legal department.

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