JR & B Farming Ltd v Hewitt [2021] EWHC 1704 (comm)

This case related to a claim for negligence against a retired solicitor by a family of farmers. Their claim in brief what that he had failed to advise them of the ramifications of not serving a counter notice to an unparticularised notice to quit, with the result that they failed to do so, and consequently lost a significant area of their farm land. The quantum of the claim was significant. The retired solicitor was, at the time, working as a consultant for a firm of accountants. Aaron represented the accountants who argued that the solicitor was not acting through them at the material time and the case should continue as it had originally be brought, as an action against him personally, not against the firm. The case is also significant, because it sets out how the Court should approach a real time transcription being undertaken of remote video proceedings. The judgment is available here.

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