Invicta Barracks, Maidstone

September 2022 - June 2023

Graeme represented (and continues to advise) Defence Infrastructure Organisation, on behalf of the Ministry of Defence, at the Examination in Public (Stage 1, Sept-Nov 2022, Stage 2 May-June 2023) of the Maidstone Review Local Plan – promoting the allocation of Invicta Barracks for the development of c.1300 dwellings and community facilities (after the Army vacates in 2029). 

Main issues at the Examination (calling on a team of experts) related to sustainability, landscape, heritage and highways impacts, and securing necessary infrastructure provision, including educational facilities. In his initial assessment of the soundness of the Strategy (11 January 2023), the Inspector endorsed the allocation of the Barracks and accepted all the Main Modifications sought by DIO. Further detailed/site-specific sessions (Stage 2) followed in 2023, the Main Modifications consultation has closed and the Inspector’s final report is awaited.

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