Inspector refuses permission for development “not worthy” of the iconic Newcastle Quayside

View of Newcastle Quayside - Canva - 290524

Following the quashing of a previous appeal decision and re-hearing of a new public inquiry, a Planning Inspector has now refused permission for the proposed development of 289 apartments in a tall building on the Newcastle Quayside. The site is one of the last redevelopment sites on the iconic Quayside in a very prominent location. The Inspector stated that “consequently it deserves a well-designed building worthy of its unique and special context...I appreciate that this is not an easy task, but the building proposed in this appeal is not that building.” The Inspector also found that “the building would not be well designed, would not respect its context and would not be worthy of this important site. It would not, in my opinion, be beautiful.”

The Inspector also found less than substantial harm to heritage assets, including a Grade I listed church, and harm to living conditions.

The appeal decision can be found here.

This appeal decision follows a long-running litigation process, including decisions of the High Court and Court of Appeal previously quashing the original appeal decision. 

Anjoli Foster has appeared for Newcastle City Council throughout the inquiry process, as well as in the courts.

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