Inspector recommends adoption of Draft Isle of Man Strategic Plan 2015

An independent inspector appointed by the Isle of Man Government has recommended the adoption of the Draft Isle of Man Strategic Plan 2015, subject to minor modifications. The Island’s Department of Infrastructure (“DoI”) is promoting the Draft 2015 Plan to update housing policies in the Isle of Man Strategic Plan 2007 to take account of population data from the Island’s Census in 2011. Evidence in relation to housing demand, housing supply and the proposed distribution of housing across the Island was heard in an examination in September 2015. In his report, the inspector concluded that the proposal to construct an additional 5,100 houses over the period 2011-2026, with the greatest proportion (2,440 houses) to be built in the east of the Island, in or around the capital, Douglas, should be adopted. It is now expected that a final version of the Draft 2015 Plan will be submitted to the Isle of Man’s Parliament, Tynwald, for formal adoption. Gwion Lewis acted for the Isle of Man’s DoI at the public examination in Douglas.

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