High Court hears challenge to the use of CCTV to issue parking contravention notices

Road CCTV camera Canva

Yesterday, the High Court heard a case concerning the validity of parking penalties issued by Transport for London in reliance on CCTV footage. The case potentially concerns many thousands of parking contravention notices, which have been sent to motorists by post in reliance upon new road traffic contravention regulations which came into force on 31 May 2022.

The claim has been brought by Transport for London against a decision of the London Tribunals (Environment and Traffic Adjudicators) which concluded that CCTV cannot be used to enforce parking contraventions in parking bays along London’s red routes.

Timothy Corner KC, representing Transport for London told the High Court that the “critical issue” at stake was whether the definition of a red route within the regulations includes parking bays. He said: “If it does, then approved devices, that is CCTV, can be used to issue PCNs for contraventions in parking bays. If it doesn’t, CCTV can’t be so used.”

Transport for London is also represented by Andrew Byass.

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