Green Belt decision upheld in Brookman’s Park appeal

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A CPRE-Bedfordshire led combined objectors group successfully resisted a windfall proposal on the Green Belt for housing on the outskirts of Brookman’s Park in Hertfordshire.

The proposal was for 125 dwellings, a care facility (with up to 60 bedrooms) and a scout hut. The inspector held that the proposal would have an adverse effect on the landscape and character of the area and would undermine the Green Belt.

The inspector held that the benefits would not clearly outweigh the impacts, and concluded that there were not very special circumstances to warrant development on the Green Belt.

This decision is a reminder of the onerous test for development on the Green Belt despite the Colney Heath decision which permitted development in the Hertfordshire Green Belt.

The decision letter may be accessed here.

Joe Thomas represented the successful combined objectors group. Joe has summarised some of the implications of this decision in this article here and here.

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