Farewell Bill King

July 2021 represents a milestone for Landmark Chambers as we bid farewell to one of Chambers’ most-loved employees, Bill King. After half a century as a Clerk, Bill is moving on to a well-earned retirement. Please find some comments from members below: 'Bill has clerked so many of us over the years (for two or three decades for some). All of us here at Landmark owe him a debt of gratitude. It is hard to find the words to describe Bill’s significant contribution to the careers of so many of us in Chambers. All of us who have had the privilege to work with him have come to know his loyalty, hard work and kindness. Bill, thank you for your considerable patience and support over the years. Happy retirement Bill and thanks for everything you have done for all of us at Landmark throughout your long career. We will miss you very much.' David Holland QC and Reuben Taylor QC - Joint Heads of Chambers 'Bill’s commitment to Chambers has been complete and total. He has been in Chambers since July 1972 so just prior to retirement he will celebrate his 49th anniversary of working as a Clerk in this one set which is truly incredible achievement. He started in Chambers when Edward Heath was Prime Minister a s a young, fresh-faced 16 year old. There is no member left in Chambers who was practising when Bill started in Chambers. One of his first jobs was to clear the coal fires and make them in members’ rooms. Bill’s time in chambers can be ascribed to numerous qualities of which the most noteworthy are loyalty, honesty and commitment to those he clerked. The market valued his integrity completely. If he made a commitment to a solicitor it was honoured. It was as simple as that. He also sought to do everything to help those he clerked. He genuinely listened to those he clerked and sought to clerk them in a manner which was respectful of how they wanted to be clerked. Additionally, he is much loved by those in the clerks’ room who he has worked with. His humour, conscientiousness and humility will be hugely missed by us all.' Sasha White QC 'Having been clerked for many years, before Bill, by clerks whose mission was to work me as hard as I could cope, Bill came at just the right time for my wish for a less stressful way of life. Instead of “we can do these 3 cons in different parts of the country, no problem” it became “no Sir, I think we need that week to prepare for the following week”. Just the job. They were good years, for which I am very grateful. CLM.’ Christopher Lockhart-Mummery QC 'Bill has been a central member of the Landmark team since Chambers were established in 2002. But his life as a clerk goes back much further – indeed back to 1972 when he joined the chambers of Sir Joseph Moloney QC. Later on, the founding father of town and country planning law, Sir Frank Layfield QC was to became the Head of Chambers. Bill has been a vital member of the clerking team of all the chambers that have evolved from that original set. He was Deputy Head Clerk and then Head Clerk at Serjeants’ Inn, Head Clerk at Eldon Chambers and then a leading player in the much-expanded clerking team at Landmark Chambers since 2002. Through those developments members of chambers have made the move with him so that some can boast of having been clerked by Bill for over 30 years. Bill has always been renowned in the profession for his belief that trust is a vital component in running a successful practice. The clerk should be able to trust the barrister, the barrister must be able to trust their clerk and most importantly the solicitor or instructing consultant must be able to trust the clerk they are dealing with. Bill has always repaid the trust that has been placed in him and over the years many members of chambers have heard professional and lay clients say how much they value that quality in Bill in all their dealings with him. He is also a thoroughly lovely man who is a true friend to those lucky enough to have come to know him well.’ Rhodri Price Lewis QC Russell Harris QC has provided some further comments about Bill’s time at Landmark in a LinkedIn article which may be accessed here.

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