Bolnore Village, Haywards Heath

Three month inquiry into proposed 785 home development by Crest Nicholson (South) in the south-western fringe of Haywards Heath, Mid Sussex. The inquiry considered a range of issues including: the alleged ancient woodland status of one of the development cells; whether the proposed 'buffer zones' were sufficient to protect the adjoining woodland habitats; the adequacy of the appellants' affordable housing offer; the provision of the final stages of the Haywards Heath relief road; the viability of various proposed construction access routes; density and open space. On 24th January 2008, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government wrote to the parties to state that she accepted most of the Local Community Organisations' and the Council's objections (including those relating to ancient woodland, buffer zones, dedication of ecologically sensitive land, and the overall number of dwellings) and required a framework of revisions to be made to the s.106 obligations and conditions so as to address these objections (as originally suggested by the Local Community Organisations). After such revisions were made, on 28th March 2008 the Secretary of State granted permission for the development subject to the revised framework of conditions and obligations. Edmund Robb appeared for Mid Sussex District Council. Charles Banner appeared for local community organisations. Robert Griffiths QC appeared for Crest Nicholson.

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