Amendment to Practice Direction 51Z


At the start of the Coronavirus epidemic, the Master of the Rolls enacted PD51Z, staying all possession proceedings for a period of three months (see our blog post here). However, following representations from the PLA and PBA that it may amount to a ‘license to trespass’ (reported in our blog post here), this has now been amended. A new paragraph 2A provides that the stay does not apply to

(a) a claim against trespassers to which rule 55.6 applies;

(b) an application for an interim possession order under Section III of Part 55, including the making of such an order, the hearing required by rule 55.25(4), and any application made under rule 55.28(1); or

(c) an application for case management directions which are agreed by all the parties.

The new full PD51Z can be found here.

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