Leasehold Enfranchisement – current issues

Tuesday 18 June 2019



16:45 Registration 17:00 Introduction by Chair Tom Jefferies 17:05 What is a “flat”? - What was decided in the Aldford House case? - Adaptation cases - Airbnb uses - Live/work units - What improvements can be disregarded in creating the flat? Katie Helmore 17:30 What is a “self-contained building”? - What is a building? - When is it detached? - Recent RTM and 1993 Act cases - Can one notice be served for more than one building? Miriam Seitler 17:55 Above, below, and beyond - Where do we stand after Queens Court? - Airspace, subsoil and more? - Which parts of a building are common parts? - When is acquisition reasonably necessary? David Nicholls 18:25 Questions and discussion 18:45 Drinks

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