Ideas and Perspectives for a Climate Emergency Bill: Developing a Toolkit for Legislators to Tackle Climate Change

Thursday 02 April 2020



Date and time

Thursday 02 April 2020 | 17:30 - 19:30


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In May 2019 the UK parliament declared an "Environment and Climate Emergency". As interest in the climate emergency intensifies, and on the road to the COP26, this webinar seeks to think about and develop ideas on legislative solutions to tackle climate change more effectively. It focuses on the ideas for a new Climate Emergency Act in the UK, which hopefully might catalyse legislative developments around the world. The event will discuss legal developments in the field of climate change from a comparative perspective, focusing on the legislative solutions which are being developed in other legal systems, and exploring the opportunities that have arisen and the challenges and constraints faced. It builds on an event on the role of climate change litigation that BIICL convened in January this year.

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