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Episode 2 – Have We Got Planning News for You?

5pm – 5.45pm | Thursday 30th April, 2020 | Participation is free of charge

Thank you to all those who tuned in last week to make the first broadcast a great success!

Each week, the panel – Paul Tucker QC, Mary Cook, Sasha White QC, Charles Banner QC and Christopher Young QC – discuss the latest developments in planning law and policy from the week.

This week we are joined by special guest Bridget Rosewell CBE.

As you will recall, we five friends have decided to come together during COVID-19 to do a weekly 45 minute show about the latest legal developments in the world of planning. As before, there is no charge for the event, but we would encourage you to make a modest donation to the NHS Combined Charity Page here: Clap For Our Carers, or whichever local charity you may prefer.

Once again in the chair is Charles, and he will be attempting to marshal the panel through various topics. This week we will also have two special topics:

  • Housing Land Supply in light of COVID-19: in particular whether the requirements to show a five year HLS should be relaxed or strengthened in light of the past two months.
  • Bridget Rosewell discusses her reforms to inquiries and the case for using new technology in inquiries and hearings.

We will also be discussing the Local Plan Inspector’s letter to St Albans District Council and the Court of Appeal judgment in Corbett v Cornwall on compliance with the ‘development plan as a whole’.

It won’t all be serious: there will be “Nudge of the week” to those who ‘could do better’ as well as nominations for “champion of the week”. If you are missing the fun of inquiries right now, we can guarantee some of the usual barristers’ banter and a bit of leg pulling.

To receive the joining instructions please send an email to webinars@landmarkchambers.co.uk specifying the name of this webinar.

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