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Stephen Whale and Matthew Dale-Harris provide a podcast that covers the recent developments in the following topics: The Glover Report, National Parks and AONBs, the Government’s response to the Landscapes review and the DEFRA consultation exercise. They also discuss the proposed renaming of ‘Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ to ‘National Landscapes’.

The discussion on the Government’s response highlights the experience of NPs and AONBs during the lockdowns, the Government’s commitment to protecting 30% of the U.K.’s land by 2030 and the 25-year environment plan, and the complexity of interactions between people and nature. Furthermore, housing in NPs and AONBs is discussed, emphasising the imminent importance of a minimum 10% Biodiversity Net Gain as a pre-condition for planning permission.

Stephen Whale and Matthew Dale-Harris, as well as other Landmark Barristers, offer further information on AONB, National Parks and Planning Law in their book “A Practical Guide to Planning Law and Rights of Way in National Parks, the Broads and AONBs”. For more information on their book, please follow this link.

The DEFRA consultation exercise on the Government’s response to the Landscapes Review closes on 9 April 2022 and you may participate in this by following this link.

AONB = Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
LPA= Local Planning Authority
NPA = National Park Authority
NPPF = National Planning Policy Framework
SAC = Special Area of Conservation
SPA = Special Protection Area
SSSI = Site of Special Scientific Interest
TRO = Traffic Regulation Order


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