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Permission for a mixed-use co-living led scheme has been granted on appeal for a scheme in Hounslow Town Centre, adjacent to the Hounslow House civic centre, which will provide co-living homes for 248 people and co-working office space for around 135 people, together with commercial uses.

The appeal was against non-determination by the London Borough of Hounslow. The Council determined that it would have refused the scheme on seven grounds, only three of which it maintained by the time of the inquiry. Those issues related to the impact of the scheme (at 15 storeys) on the adjacent civic centre, whether suitable living conditions would be provided for future residents, and whether the proposal would provide a suitable housing mix. The Inspector hearing the inquiry comprehensively accepted the appellant’s arguments on these three issues.

Importantly, so far as the tall building impacts were concerned, the Inspector agreed that the scheme would accord with the intentions of the Hounslow Town Centre Masterplan to promote legibility and wayfinding, and to improve the economic vibrancy of the High Street. So far as the relationship with Hounslow House was concerned, the Inspector agreed that the generous area of public realm proposed would enhance the visibility and function of Hounslow House and would help to realise the civic centre’s ambition to be accessible and part of everyday town centre life.

Andrew Byass acted for the developer, instructed by Barton Willmore.

Click here for the decision.

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