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Our award-winning planning team has been highly ranked in this year’s Planning Magazine’s law survey, with Landmark QCs securing seven of the top ten highest rated Planning Silks, and four of the top ten places in the equivalent ranking for Junior Counsel.

Highlights from the 2018 results include:

  • Christopher Katkowski QC and Charles Banner are ranked as the highest rated planning silk and highest rated planning junior respectively
  • Landmark barristers comprise seven of the top ten highest rated QCs – Christopher Katkowski QC, Rupert Warren QC, Russell Harris QC, Neil Cameron QC, David Elvin QC, Sasha White QC, James Maurici QC
  • Four of the top ten highest rated juniors – Charles Banner, Robert Walton, Richard Turney, Richard Moules
  • Five of the highest rated juniors under 35 – Zack Simons, Heather Sargent, Yaaser Vanderman, Anjoli Foster, Andrew Parkinson
  • All five of the barristers listed as highest rated in the commercial and retail sector – Christopher Katkowski QC, Tim Corner QC, Russell Harris QC, David Elvin QC, William Hicks QC
  • Four of the top five barristers for appeal and call-in inquiries – Christopher Katkowski QC, Russell Harris QC, Rupert Warren QC, Tim Corner QC
  • Six of the top ten barristers listed as highest rated in the residential sector – Russell Harris QC, Christopher Katkowski QC, Rupert Warren QC, Charles Banner, Tim Corner, Christopher Lockhart-Mummery QC.
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