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Government and Regulation

As one of the UK’s leading Chambers, Landmark’s barristers are frequently engaged to provide legal advice, guidance and representation to the UK Government at all levels of seniority, up to and including Cabinet Ministers.  At the strategic level, Landmark’s senior counsel have provided formal and informal advice on the development of new policies, regulatory and legislative frameworks spanning a number of important areas including transport, Housing, Infrastructure, Healthcare and immigration.

In recent years Landmark members have been called upon to represent Her Majesty’s Government in a number of once-in-a-generation projects including the promotion of the High Speed 2 Parliamentary Bill and acting on behalf of the Department for Transport in its bid to build a third runway at London’s Heathrow Airport.

In addition to strategic advice, Landmark has more than 20 barristers formally appointed to the Attorney General’s Panel of Counsel, including seven barristers listed on the prestigious A Panel of Counsel.  In addition, Landmark has junior and senior members listed on the Welsh Government’s Queens Counsel, and Junior Counsel Panels.

Landmarks international group can provide consultancy services to foreign governments looking to establish legislative frameworks similar to those in the UK.

For any queries on government and regulation, contact the practice management team.

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