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This is a fixed-price service. The cost in any individual case will depend on the seniority of the Expert and the volume of papers and complexity of the dispute.  For a dispute involving up to one lever arch file of background papers and submissions by two public bodies not exceeding 15 pages, the Expert’s cost will be as follows:

  • QC:  £2,500 plus VAT
  • Very Senior Junior (12 years’ Call or more):  £2,000 plus VAT
  • Senior Junior (8 to 12 years’ Call): £1,500 plus VAT
  • Junior (under 8 years’ Call):  £1,000 plus VAT

Additional fees may be incurred if the parties seek to rely on more than one lever arch file of documents or if (exceptionally) a hearing is needed before the expert can produce a determination.

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