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This webinar has now taken place. You can find the presentation slides and a link to the webinar recording in our resources tab or by clicking here.


Landmark Chambers will be hosting a webinar on Tuesday 29th September 2020 at 11am – 12.30pm.  This webinar follows a series of articles written by members of Chambers on the subject of variation and enforcement of s.106 obligations. Links to these articles can be found on our website here.

**This event will be hosted as a webinar. Participation is free of charge however, advance registration is required. Please note that participants will receive the joining instructions by email prior to the webinar.**



Tuesday 29th September 2020


11:00 - 12:30




Free to attend




Introduction by Chair - Graeme Keen QC

How to vary and discharge s.106 obligations - Kate Olley

s.106B appeals in relation to variations and discharge - Graeme Keen QC

The relationship between s.73 and s.106 obligations - Matthew Henderson

The enforcement of s.106 obligations via injunction - Kate Olley

Enforcing s.106 by money claims or other form of dispute resolution - Nick Grant

Questions and discussion

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