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This webinar has now taken place. You can find the presentation slides and a link to the webinar recording in our resources tab or by clicking here.


Landmark Chambers and Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner will be hosting a webinar on Monday 13th July 2020 at 2pm – 3.30pm.

The Government has announced that this month it will launch a Planning Policy Paper “setting out our plan for comprehensive reform of England’s seven-decade old planning system, to introduce a new approach that works better for our modern economy and society”.  All the signs are that this will include proposals for some kind of zoning regime.

In this webinar, we look at what those proposals might be, what precedents for zoning already exist in the UK, an example of how zoning currently works elsewhere (New York) and what transitional issues will need to be thought about.

Places will be complimentary and speakers include James Maurici QC (Chair), Giles Pink (Partner, BCLP London), Judith Gallent (Land Use Partner, BCLP New York), David Elvin QC and Jenny Wigley.


How to join:
We advise joining via your web browser or mobile device so that you can view the presentation slides and speakers.

If joining via your web browser, please use the following link:

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Monday 13th July 2020


14:00 - 15:30




Free to attend




Introduction by Chair – James Maurici QC

What are the Government’s proposals for zoning? – Giles Pink (Partner, BCLP London)

How does zoning work in New York? – Judith Gallent (Land Use Partner, BCLP New York)

What precedents do we have for something like zoning in the UK? – David Elvin QC

What would be the transitional issues? – Jenny Wigley

Questions and discussion

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