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This webinar will be recorded and will be made available shortly after this live event concludes.  Access to the recording will be provided upon request – please email marketing@landmarkchambers.co.uk.


Due to speaker illness, this webinar has been moved from Monday 25th January to Tuesday 9th March.

This webinar will look at the responsibilities and remedies available to resolve the discrimination issues emerging out of the significant decision of the Court of Appeal in McCloud v Lord Chancellor [2018] EWCA Civ 2844 which decided that the 2015 reforms to public sector pensions which de facto forced workers from legacy schemes into new schemes (but allowed others to remain in legacy schemes) were unlawful.

The government has published proposals for legislative reform to allow workers to rejoin legacy schemes but has not yet done so, and meanwhile public sector workers are continuing to be affected by the unlawful decision to force them into new (and less generous) schemes.

This webinar will:

  • Look at the background to the pension changes in the 2015 reforms
  • Examine the effect of the judgment
  • Consider the extent of the present duties on pension scheme administrators and managers in advance of legislative change
  • Look at practical examples of problems that arise for police officers, NHS workers, Forces personnel, fire fighters, civil servants and other public sector workers
  • Look forward to the shape of the changes the government is proposing for 2022

It will be of interest to solicitors and others advising public sector pension scheme administrators and managers as well as those advising pension scheme members including police officers, Forces personnel, NHS workers, fire fighters, civil servants and other public sector workers.

The webinar will be presented by Samantha Broadfoot QC and David Lock QC, both of whom have extensive experience of advising in cases concerning public sector pension schemes.

**This event will be hosted as a webinar. Participation is free of charge however, advance registration is required. Please note that participants will receive the joining instructions by email prior to the webinar.**



Tuesday 9th March 2021


17:00 - 18:00




Free to attend




Introduction by Chair - Paul Brown QC

How did we get here and the government’s proposals for reform of public sector pension schemes - Samantha Broadfoot QC

Practical problems – the intervening period before new Regulations and likely problems when new Regulations are made - David Lock QC

Questions and discussion

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