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Three day public inquiry into a proposed development of 155 residential units and a 64 bedroom care home on a greenfield site on the edge of the upmarket settlement of Topsham in Exeter. The site lies within the so-called ‘strategic gap’ between Topsham and Exeter to which Policy LS1 of the 2005 Exeter Local Plan and Policy CP16 of the 2012 Exeter Core Strategy relate. The issues in the appeal included the proper interpretation of those policies and whether they imposed an in-principle bar on development, the landscape and visual effects of the appeal scheme, and its impact on the local highway network.

On 14 January 2019 the Inspector published his decision allowing the appeal, together with an award of costs in the Appellant’s favour.

Charles Banner appeared for the Appellant, Waddeton Park Ltd, instructed by David Seaton of PCL Planning.

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