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A four week-inquiry inquiry into The Rutland Group’s proposals for the UK’s first ‘eco-village’ at Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surrey.

The scheme – a new settlement comprising 2,601 dwellings (including 910 affordable homes) alongside substantial business development, together with a groundbreaking package of sustainability measures to reduce carbon emissions – is billed as the UK’s most sustainable settlement. It will achieve an average carbon footprint per resident of between a third and half of the average UK resident.

The inquiry is considering Waverley Borough Council’s objection to the scheme on locational and transportation grounds. It is the first planning inquiry in the UK to consider the Government’s much publicised draft policy on Eco-Towns.

Christopher Katkowski QC and Charles Banner are appearing for the Appellant, Dunsfold Park Ltd (a SPV subsidiary of The Rutland Group). Tim Mould QC is appearing for Waverley Borough Council.

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