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Three day ROMP inquiry considering conditions to be imposed in an old planning permission for the extraction of chalk.

The only access to the site was along a steep and winding lane.  In places it was not possible for two HGVs to pass.  Nevertheless in recent years the site had generated an average of 74 HGVs movements a day, with flows on the worst days being substantially higher.  Vehicles departing from the site also travelled through the centre of Oxted in order to reach the trunk road network.  The appeal concerned three conditions proposed by the mineral planning authority, all relating to HGV movements.  There had been widespread complaint about the level of HGV movement and Councillors had imposed stricter limits than those advised by officers.  The Appellant contended that the limits suggested by the authority would affect the viability of the quarry operation but did not produce any financial evidence.

Richard Langham appeared for the mineral planning authority.

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