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Barratt David Wilson North East has secured planning permission on appeal for the development of 285 residential dwellings on a site in New Hartley, Northumberland.

The Inspector’s key finding was that the withdrawal of the Northumberland County Council’s Core Strategy meant that there was no Objectively Assessed Need against which to calculate a five year supply of housing. He found that the Council could not rely on the fact that a significant number of units would be provided in existing planning permissions because there was “insufficient evidence to enable any rational conclusion to be reached on whether these figures represent a strong supply of housing if there is nothing to measure them against.”

The inspector went on to conclude that the adverse effects of the proposal, including a less than substantial harm to a conservation area, did not significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefits of the scheme.

A copy of the decision can be found here.

Sasha White QC and Anjoli Foster acted for Barratt David  Wilson Homes North East.

Simon Pickles acted for Northumberland County Council.

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