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Three day s78 inquiry into a proposal for up to 84 houses on the edge of Ambrosden.

The application was by Gladman Developments.  It was accepted that the Council had an adequate supply of housing land (the requirement being for a 3 year supply).  The relevant policy in the adopted local plan provided that in Category A villages, which included Ambrosden, ‘a total of 750 houses’ would be delivered.  At the time of the inquiry planning permission for precisely 750 houses in Category A villages had been granted, including 129 in Ambrosden.  Of the 750, 271 had been built.  Despite accepting that ‘the figure of 750 must have some form of constraining effect’, the Inspector found that the proposal would not cause any harm to the strategy of the local plan.  A legal challenge to the decision was unsuccessful.

Richard Langham appeared for the local planning authority.

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